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How To Enable Community Post On YouTube 2021

How to Enable Community Post on YouTube

How to enable community post on YouTube is relatively easy. If your channel has been marked as “made for kids” or if users are visiting it through a supervised account, you will have to go to your settings to turn this feature on. To activate this feature, follow these steps: a. Log in to your account; b. From the menu on the left, select the “Community” tab. c. Click the “Add a new post” button.


d. Publish your first Community post. Once enabled, it will appear in your subscriber’s feed within a week. This feature is available only to channels with at least 500 subscribers. Occasionally, the creator of a video might see their post. If this happens, YouTube will send a notification to the original uploader. Moreover, this feature may prevent your video from appearing repeatedly in viewer’s feeds.

c. Reply to comments. You can reply to any comment left by other users. Don’t send canned replies to your viewers, but try to make each comment feel special. This will increase your channel engagement and karma. d. Heart your best comments. By doing this, your viewers will be notified and YouTube will take this into account when determining whether or not to show a video again.

How to make a Community post on YouTube

d. Create a community post. The first step is to set up a community post. Once enabled, the community will show up alongside regular videos in the Subscriptions tab. On desktop and mobile devices, however, you will not see this option. In both cases, users can interact with community posts by clicking the thumbs up or down icon on the comment box. In addition, you can heart the most interesting comments, which will send a notification to the original commenter.

Ensure that you reply to every comment. You don’t want to leave an empty comment box. Moreover, it will be viewed by others. If your comments are good, you should heart them. This way, YouTube will take this into account when making a recommendation to your audience. But before doing that, you should also follow the guidelines. These tips will help you to make the best of your Community posts.

Ways to Use the YouTube Community Tab:

Enable Community posts on YouTube. You can enable them in your account settings. They are more advanced than the Community panel. Once enabled, the feature will automatically send notifications to the original uploader. By enabling community posts on YouTube, you’ll be notified when other users are sharing your videos on YouTube. It is best to make this notification visible to viewers so that they can easily share your videos.

Enable community post on youtube. You need to have at least 500 subscribers to enable the feature. Aside from making your channel more popular, you can also boost your channel’s traffic. If you have a small audience, you might want to disable this feature in order to prevent people from seeing the same video too often. You can make your channel more popular by enabling community posts. Once you have done this, you’ll see that your subscribers’ numbers have grown and your audience is growing.

Where is the YouTube Community

Once you’ve enabled this feature on YouTube, you’ll be able to reply to all comments left by viewers. It is important to reply to every comment, as every comment adds to your video’s popularity. By responding to all comments, you’ll improve the engagement of your viewers, and you’ll build a loyal following of fans. In addition to responding to each comment, you can also heart the comments that you think are the best ones. When you do this, you’ll receive a notification from the creator, and YouTube will take this into account.

Once you’ve enabled community post, you’ll be able to interact with your viewers and gain more subscribers. For now, it’s only available for users with at least 1,000 subscribers. If you don’t have that many subscribers, you should consider creating a community post and increasing your engagement. In the meantime, keep in mind that you’ll need to make a post to get the most exposure from the content.

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