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How to Enable Comments on YouTube Video

How to Enable Comments on a YouTube Video

If you have a video on YouTube, you may be wondering how to enable comments on that video. This article will show you how to make it possible. There are a few different ways to do it, including adding a comment form. In addition, you can also choose to allow comments on specific types of videos. For example, if you create a fundraising video and you want to allow people to donate money to it, you can set this up for that as well.

You can also opt to disable comments on your video if you wish. The first option is to use the settings menu to disable the feature. Alternatively, you can use the “Settings” menu to enable comments on your video. You can find this option at the top right corner of your video’s main page. Once you’ve enabled comments, you can close the settings panel and return to your video.


To enable comments on a YouTube video, click the “Comments” link on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Scroll down to see the list of options and click the toggle to the right-hand side. Then, tap the “Comments” button to turn it on. After you’ve clicked the “comments” button, a new box will appear. On the next screen, click the comment button to add your comments.

If you’re using YouTube to promote your business, you can also opt to enable comments on your videos. To enable comments on your videos, follow the steps below. Go to the “Settings” tab. There, click the toggle to the right. On the comments page, click the “Comments” tab. On the next page, you’ll see a list of settings you can change. You can then select the option that’s most appropriate for your business.

Adding comments to a YouTube video is easy. The option is available on the Comments tab. If you’re using YouTube Studio, sign in and click “Content” to view your video’s comments. On the next page, click “Comments” and choose the options you’d like to show. You’ll see a list of all your public comments in a tab. By checking the “Comments” tab, you’ll be able to see the comments for all your videos.

To enable comments, go to the settings tab of the video. It’s located at the bottom of the page, right above the video’s title. You’ll have to enable it to view comments in the channel. You can also enable comments on your new videos or on your channel. By enabling comments, you’ll be able to share your videos with your fans. This will help you connect with them and keep in touch.

YouTube also has a feature that allows users to enable comments on their videos. If you have a public video, you can choose to allow comments on it. If you’re not a member of YouTube, you can create a free account with the social network. You can then post videos on the social networking website. This will allow people to leave comments on your videos. You can even set up your own Facebook or Twitter page.

Once you’ve made a video on YouTube, you can enable comments on it. You can also choose to allow comments on your videos. There are a few ways to enable them. In the first, you can set the privacy settings of your video. You can allow the comment section to contain any type of content you want. Once you’ve set the privacy settings of your video, you can now see the comments you’ve received on it.

In addition to enabling comments, you can also choose to turn on the feature. In order to enable comments on a YouTube video, you have to set the privacy settings of the video. The system is designed to respect the privacy of children. By default, it does not allow anonymous commenting. However, it does allow users to leave anonymous comments. If you want to restrict comments, you can set up a private channel for your video.

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