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How To Enable Autocorrect In Word

How to Enable Autocorrect in Word

If you’ve ever been confused by the automatic spellcheck in Microsoft Word, you may be wondering how to enable autocorrect in Word. To enable autocorrect, you must enable the Replace Text as you type option. Once enabled, a small blue button will appear beneath the corrected text. Click this button to display the AutoCorrect Options menu. Here, you can change some AutoCorrect options, undo previous corrections, and enable or disable AutoCorrect.

If you’re using Word, you’ve probably noticed the AutoComplete feature. Normally, this feature shows you options to type words that are close to your current word. However, this feature can disrupt your typing flow, and can be annoying. Thankfully, you can turn it off by unticking the box and restarting Word. Other spelling and grammar assist features are available in different menus. To turn off AutoComplete in Word, go to the Options menu. Click on the AutoCorrect Options button Google.


If you want your computer to use the most accurate spelling check possible, you can add specialized terms to your spelling dictionary. This way, when you type in a certain word, it will be caught by autocorrect without any false positives. Note that you must add the plural forms of the word separately from the verb conjugations. Word will then add those words to your spelling dictionary. You may also add specialized terms such as a linguist’s name.

How To Add Words To Your Spelling Dictionary:

If you’ve added word to your dictionary and want to use them with autocorrect, you can do so by going to the Custom Dictionaries panel and choosing “Add words to your spelling dictionary”. You’ll have to make sure the dictation you’re adding has a “DIC” file extension. You can then assign the new dictionary as your default. Another option is to change the language that your spell check dictionary uses.

To stop the program from correcting your spelling errors, you can change the settings in the AutoCorrect tab. Under the “AutoCorrect Options” tab, select the “Remove words you don’t want automatically corrected in word” option. Word will highlight words it believes are misspelled and prompt you to remove them from the dictionary. You can change the spelling of these words and make other changes to the program as needed.

How To Enable Autocorrect In Word 2007:

There are several ways to disable autocorrect, including modifying the system settings to remove certain word. You can set the default setting to ignore certain words or use macros to highlight the words. In addition to this, you can turn off auto-correction and spell checking completely for your documents. Moreover, you can restrict the dictionary function in Word to allow only certain words. This is helpful if you use the word “correct” frequently.

In Word, the Proofing tab on the Ribbon should be selected. Click on Options and then select Proofing. Select Hide spelling errors in this document only. Click OK to confirm. When done, click OK again to close the dialog box and restart Word. Word will now hide spelling errors and grammar mistakes. To disable this feature, click the Reset button in the Proofing menu to revert to the previous setting.

Turn AutoCorrect On:

  1. Open the Settings app and go to System> Languages ​​& Input> Virtual Keyboard> Gboard.
  2. Select text editing and scroll down to the Editing section.
  3. Find the version with Auto Fix label and slide it on the On.

The Hide spelling errors in this document only check option enables Word to check for spelling errors only in this document. When you have many documents, this feature will only flag the document with spelling errors. To avoid this, make sure that the document has no other documents, including your own. If so, check the Hide spelling errors in this document only check box. After that, click Save changes. Now, you can edit your documents without any errors.

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