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How To Enable ActiveX Settings In Office Files-Technical Tips

Enable ActiveX Settings in Office Files

If you want to disable ActiveX controls on your computer, there are a few options to choose from. One of them is to Enable ActiveX settings in Office files controls completely through Group Policy Preferences. There are also options to Enable SFI ActiveX controls with minimal restrictions and Enable UFI ActiveX controls without notification. If you are unsure of what ActiveX controls are, read on for details. This article will provide you with the steps you need to know.

Disabling ActiveX controls completely through Group Policy Preferences in Office files will completely disable them. will work in any program that uses ActiveX controls, even if the files are not located in a trusted location. This method will also disable ActiveX controls in VBA projects. This method is recommended for computers that do not use trusted documents, because they are less secure than files that are Google.


To configure the default setting, go to Control Panel > Advanced>Advanced. You will then need to change the settings under ActiveX. For example, disable ‘Run this time’ and “Download signed ActiveX controls” in Internet Explorer. After this, you must enable Trusted Sites Zone. Click OK to apply these changes. You will be prompted to restart the computer.

How Do I Make Sure ActiveX Is Enabled:

You can also enable ActiveX controls entirely by using the Trusted Sites zone. This setting will allow silent installation of ActiveX controls from trusted websites. However, you need to be aware that some sites may be hidden in this zone, and you will need to apply the exception to all of them. Unlike Approved Installation Sites, this setting has limited granularity.

If you want to enable SFI ActiveX controls with minimal restrictions in your Office files, make sure they are marked as such. This is because ActiveX controls can be marked as SFI by mistake. By identifying these controls correctly, you can ensure their security. In this article, you’ll learn how to do so. The following steps will help you enable SFI ActiveX controls in Office files.

Enable SFI ActiveX Controls With Minimal Restrictions:

Before enabling SFI ActiveX controls with minimal restrictions in your Office files, you can choose whether or not to prompt for confirmation. When all ActiveX controls are SFI, this setting is ignored. If you have at least one UFI control, it loads normally.

The next step is to select the ActiveX control you wish to enable. The option should be set to No, if you’d prefer to disable ActiveX controls for all documents. The same way as with ActiveX controls, the setting will affect whether the control loads with or without a prompt. You can find this option in the Control Panel of Office. It’s located in the upper-left hand corner of the screen. Click the arrow next to “Trust Center” to access the Trust Center.

Enable UFI ActiveX Controls Without Notification:

There are two options for enabling UFI ActiveX controls in Office files: one is to disable the control and the other is to enable it without notification. Disabling ActiveX controls without notification disables the controls in a document by default, and it will only load if the controls are SFI or UFI. The latter option will also prevent the Message Bar from displaying warnings or notifications associated with ActiveX controls.

To enable UFI ActiveX controls, go to the Control Panel and click on Advanced. Choose Controls – UFI. Select Enable Safe Mode to enable UFI ActiveX controls. Safe mode prevents them from displaying any notifications and limits their access. This option only applies to SFI controls. If you have the Disable All Controls Without Notification option selected, you cannot enable Safe Mode.

Change ActiveX-Control Settings In Word:

  1. Click File> Options.
  2. Click Trust Center> Trust Center Settings> ActiveX Settings.
  3. The options you want, then click OK.

Disabling ActiveX controls is a great way to protect your computer. Microsoft has attempted to make the technology cross-platform, but South Korea has started removing ActiveX from public websites. This technology allows third-party developers to extend the default functionality of Windows applications. Popular plug-ins using ActiveX technology include Facebook photo uploading and Adobe Flash Player. ActiveX controls are important, but can be dangerous. If you are concerned about installing a malicious ActiveX plug-in, enable Safe Mode for ActiveX.

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