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How To Enable 3D Photo On Facebook

Enable 3D Photo On Facebook

If you are trying to figure out how to enable 3d photo on facebook, you will be happy to know that you are not alone. Launched in the first half of 2018, Facebook’s 3D photo feature is still new. 3D images have long been available on Facebook, but so far you may have sent only one if you had a dual camera, which could take two photos and produce a detailed map.


How does this feature work? It turns any ordinary image into a 3D image that can be viewed in different ways when you tilt or rotate your phone or start scrolling. It does that by using a learning machine to add a three-dimensional shape of the objects in your image and produce a satisfying 3D effect from that.

The best part is that it can be used on any image. It can also be used for decades-old photos and works on any medium phone running Android or iOS, making it one of the best features Facebook has ever had. If you want to change things on your Facebook profile, being able to create a Facebook 3D photo is definitely a good start. Let us show you how.

Facebook 3D Photo Option Missing 2022:

For the best photo editing tools, see how the theme of your photo is different from the background. The colors should not be too tight and the empty background works very well. There are a few limitations when sharing 3D images. You can share one 3D photo at a time, and you can’t add 3D photos to an album.

When taking a photo of the subject using ‘long-distance mode’ using two cameras simultaneously to record the image. The cameras not only capture light but also create a deeper map for later image processing software.

Tips for better results:

Keep in mind that what you get will not be a real 3D image, so the results will vary depending on the images. The result is quite convincing, but the app can’t create new data that isn’t in the picture, so it will show what the background of the image title will look like based on nearby pixels. This will sometimes lead to the background looking a bit dull, so it is best to avoid a background with a complex pattern.

Facebook says this tool works best if you avoid images with small objects in the front, or with too many pictures. It is also a good idea to choose images with objects at various depths for the best effect. Facebook is currently working on making 3D images created in this way even more convincing, so we look forward to seeing an even more amazing version in the future.

How to Post a 3D Photo on Facebook

Posting a 3D photo to Facebook is easy on supported iPhones and Android devices.

The steps for sending a 3D image are basically the same whether you are using Android or iOS, but the links may have a slight visual difference. Here’s what to do.

  1. Select what you think on top of the News Feed.
  2. Select Photo / Video.
  3. The portrait mode image in your Camera Roll or album and select Done. You will see 3D in the lower right corner of the appropriate images.
  4. Tap 3D in the upper left corner of the image.
  5. Wait a moment while Facebook processes the image, and then a 3D image appears.
  6. To delete a 3D effect, tap Delete 3D in the upper left corner.
  7. Write something about the post, if you like, and select Share or Post.

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