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How To Deactivate Messenger

How to Deactivate Messenger on Facebook

If you no longer want to use Messenger on Facebook, you can deactivate it. If you deactivate Messenger, you’ll be automatically logged out and no longer see messages or other notifications. This means that your message history will be gone too, but you can restore it when you re-log in. Here’s how. Follow these steps. Depending on your Facebook settings, you might need to perform all of these steps multiple times.

Depending on whether you’d like to deactivate Messenger as an individual or a business, you will have to follow slightly different steps. First, if you’re an individual, you’ll need to convert your Facebook profile to a business page. Then, you’ll have to choose between deactivating Messenger or disabling it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have two options: either disable or remove Messenger Google.


If you’d rather deactivate Messenger for your business, there are some extra steps you need to take. Firstly, you need to change your Facebook profile into a business page. Then, you must tap on your profile image and select Legal & Policies. Then, tap on Deactivate Messenger to confirm your decision. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have the option to choose what you want to do with Messenger.

Can I Temporarily Deactivate My Messenger:

If you’d prefer deactivate Messenger for your business, you can also deactivate it for individuals. You’ll have to make sure that your main Facebook account has been deleted first. You cannot do this alone as Messenger is still linked to your Facebook account. In order to deactivate Messenger, you need to switch your profile into a business page. This will allow you to access your business account and remove your Messenger profile.

If you’re an individual, you’ll need to follow the steps to deactivate Messenger for your business. Activate Messenger for your business will be active after you’ve deactivated your Facebook account. To Messenger for your personal use, you’ll have to switch your Facebook profile to a business page. There, you’ll need to change your Facebook privacy settings. You can also Messenger for your personal use.

Why Is There No Deactivate Button On My Messenger:

If you’d like to deactivate Messenger for your Facebook account, you must deactivate your Facebook account first. After you’ve deactivated your Facebook account, you can Messenger through your mobile phone. However, you can’t Messenger without deactivating your Facebook profile. It’s possible to reverse the process later on by logging in through the Messenger app again. In this case, you’ll need to uninstall your Facebook account.

If you don’t want to delete Messenger, you can deactivate your Facebook account. This will prevent your friends from messaging you. Alternatively, you can deactivate Messenger by  your Facebook account. In both cases, you can Messenger and keep it separate, but you’ll have to log in through the app again.

Does Deactivating Messenger Delete Messages:

Another way to Messenger is to uninstall it completely from your Facebook account. You can also deactivate it by disabling the “Active Status” of your Facebook account. By doing this, you’ll be able to hide your status and avoid getting unwanted messages. This will prevent you from being contacted by people who are unaware of your current status. This is a very convenient way to communicate with your friends on Messenger.

Facebook also has a way to Messenger. Open up the Facebook app, and tap on the three stacked lines in the top or bottom right. Scroll down to the Settings section and tap on it. From there, select Account Ownership and Control. If you don’t want to share your Facebook account information, you can opt to  Messenger.

Follow The Instructions On Your Screen:

  1. Open Messenger;
  2. Click on your profile in the top left corner;
  3. Tap Account Settings;
  4. Choose Account Ownership and Control;
  5. Tap Deactivation and deletion;
  6. Choose Deactivate account, tap Continue to account deactivation and follow the instructions on your screen. …
  7. Open Messenger;

To Messenger, first deactivate your Facebook account. You’ll need to log out of Facebook to deactivate the app. After you’ve deactivated your Facebook account, you’ll need to open the Messenger app on your phone. You’ll have to click the Settings menu button to deactivate the app. On iOS, you’ll need to click the Settings icon and select the “Deactivate” button.

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