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Enable Comments on YouTube 2021

How to Enable Comments on YouTube

How to enable comments on YouTube is easy once you know the right steps. To do this, first log in to YouTube and open the video you wish to publish. Then click on the gear icon to edit the options. Then click the Edit button to add a comment. In the comments section, type the text you want to appear next to the comment. It should be short and sweet. If you want to avoid too much typing, you can use the smart reply option.


Once you’ve completed this step, you can choose to disable the comments or allow all comments on your video. You’ll be given a couple of options. If you disable comments on your video, you’ll need to approve them manually. This can be done by editing your settings in the YouTube Studio. In order to make all comments to appear, click on the “Allow all comments” link. If you don’t want people to be able to comment on your video, click the disabling option instead.

To avoid receiving negative comments on your videos, you can use the comments lock feature. This feature will prevent others from posting objectionable content. If you’re hosting a fundraiser or an educational video, it’s best to allow all comments until you’ve approved them. This will prevent unwanted comments from appearing in your channel. After that, you can easily moderate comments on YouTube using the settings in the video. It’s up to you – it’s your choice!

Comments On YouTube:

There are various ways to enable comments on YouTube. The easiest way to enable comments on a video is to make it public. There are different options for this, depending on whether you’re creating a fundraiser or non-profit video. It’s important to select the right one according to your needs, because it will determine whether the comment you’re receiving is appropriate for the audience.

You can also choose to enable comments for your videos. By enabling these features, you will be able to collect feedback from your viewers. For example, you can post your video to Twitter or Facebook and ask your followers to share their opinions. You can also post a link to a video in a comment box. After you’ve enabled comments, you should see a notification in the box. Generally, the system will show a message requesting that the viewers leave a comment.

Following A Few Simple Steps:

You can enable comments on YouTube by following a few simple steps. First, select the comment option that you’d like to enable. This will give your audience the opportunity to comment on your videos. Afterwards, they’ll have the option to rate and leave comments. After you have approved these options, you can publish your videos to Facebook or Twitter and get feedback. You can also choose to publish the comments you’ve received on your other social media pages, as these will allow you to attract more followers and subscribers.

Once you’ve enabled comments on YouTube, you can choose to allow your viewers to leave their own comments and rate your videos. The system will automatically detect and filter your comments. It will not publish any comment that is deemed to be inappropriate. However, you can still allow your visitors to leave comments on your videos. This will help your viewers get a more personalized experience on YouTube. You can also enable ratings on your own channel.

Change Comment Settings On A Video:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left-hand menu, select Content.
  3. Click the video icon.
  4. Scroll down. click SHOW MORE.
  5. Under “Comments and ratings,” select your comment settings.
  6. Click Save.

When you’ve published a video on YouTube, you can enable comments on it. After that, you can choose whether to allow comments on your videos. If you’re worried about people reading your comments, you can disable them. You can also allow your viewers to rate your videos. If

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